How To Study The Contractors Law and Trade Section

Posted under Course Discussion by Contractors Online School on Friday 21 September 2012 at 2:18 pm


On the law you need to go through all 7 chapters take the test after each one and find out why you missed it. You can look up the answer from the page number on the answer sheet. Keep in mind you can do all the tests law & trade online in the ACLC University. After scoring 90% on all Law tests call in and a instructor will go over your online activity and over all testing. We might ask you some law questions to make sure you are on right track and KOWN the law and not just memorizing questions and answers.


We want you to memorize the questions and answers on the trade side. Just score 90% on our material and you will pass the state exam.We need you to do all three section of your online trade sections (Your Trade) the OSHA and PLANS & BLUEPRINTS. Once you have completed call in and a instructor will go over your online activity and over all test scores. Also give you the latest feed back and any thing to watch out for.

We have reading info for your trade section online and updates.